Thursday, 18 August 2011

hidup dengan masalah !

okay! today I state the problem I write in English! I feel sad today! you know I do not doall itu.kau know? I lost mobile phone! why did you have to believe my people! But it was not me! I want you to know, I want you believe but you do not believe you? You may not want to believe me It! I'm not one for you. I hope you know I am sad that my people do not want to believe me! I say right I lost my phone! believe it is wehh! hmmm today wasan unlucky day for me.! unfortunate crazy! unlucky! This last arghhhhhh you do not'll be able to find me! Because I live disturb you, you never would be found me! I willdisappear from your life! ats thank you all! kbaii

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